Everything You Don’t Want on Your Facebook Feed

So I’ve been told I’m an “oversharer.” I tend to stay up until about 3 or 4 a.m. and sometimes, occasionally… every day I end up posting the random thoughts that my unconscious ego feels necessary to share.

Example A:

In my defense, the nuns were really cunty. She just wanted to sing during her free time!

But, you get my drift? No one really cares (except for that one mental health advocate who liked it!).

So this is my new domain. You want to know the crazy shit that runs through my head? Well stayed tuned. I can think of at least 8 tweets that would get 0% engagement right now.

If you don’t, bye!

Additionally (Can I use that? Does it match the tone? Whatever, Yoast told me transition words are good for “readability”), I will be posting film and theatre reviews because I want to and I don’t feel like making a separate blog. And just to note, these aren’t BroadwayWorld reviews. They will include a tad more criticism, constructively of course. Although I do my best to implement that into my BroadwayWorld reviews as well despite certain, er, limitations.

So hang out, grab your favorite prescription medication and join me as I overshare as much as I want.

Author: jaimelee

Marketing Manager, Freelance Journalist, Actress Based on Long Island, NY

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